26 June 2006

Open File Security Warning: the publisher could not be verified

Stupid Microsoft comes to our rescue again to save us from ourselves.

I decided to update Windows just because I hadn't done it in so long. At some point I disabled automatic updates because I always regretted updating due to Microsoft's continous stupidity. Well, here we go again.

After the update - I also installed Internet Explorer 7 to see if they've made any CSS compatibility improvements - I started getting this message every time I opened a program on our shared network drive:

Open File Security Warning
The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?

Well, I clicked on it, didn't I?

After stumbling around a bit, here is the solution that seemed to help me:

Control Panel, Internet Options, Security tab, Local Intranet, Sites, Advanced, add \\Server\share as a website to the "zone".

It adds the drive as "file://server" but it seems to help prevent the pop-up from occurring.

There is also this option that may help with programs on a local drive:

Control Panel, System, Advanced, Performance Settings, Data Execution Prevention...

You can turn DEP on for everything "except those I select", and manually add them to the list.

Changing the DEP setting requires a reboot. Of course.

Could the beast get any more bloated and cumbersome?


mike said...

Worked like a charm; I also did the same thing and upgraded to latest XP patches with IE7.
What I feel sorry for is the max bloated Windows VISTA with 9 billion lines of code and 40 billion new programs!!!!!

Mike said...

I had tried adding my LAN ip range to the local internet (http://xxx.xxx.xxx.*) and that didn't work...this was very helpful

Andy said...

Yeah, wow I saw a ton of other solutions that were very convoluted. This worked great, thanks!

Eric said...

Thanks for a easy solution to a stupid annoyance!!!

JĂșlio said...

Just go to Internet Explorer > Tools > Options > Security tab > Customize Level > Miscellaneous > Change option "Run non secure applications/files" to ENABLE

If you have an antivirus installed (if you don't, you should), I am sure you can just drop Internet Explorer Security Level to minimum without compromising your security.

Have a good life ;-)

Blog said...

if you want to do this with GPO

here some screenshots: open file security warning gpo